We know how much you love your indoor kitties. You buy them toys and treats and give them all of the cuddles. But do they receive as much attention when it comes to taking them to the vet? They’re indoors, do they really need to be seen?

The answer is YES! Indoor cats should see a veterinarian just as often as other pets. With September being Happy Cat Month, let’s go over a few things to keep your indoor feline happy and healthy for years to come.

Cats and kittens, alike

Often, new pet parents eagerly schedule their kittens for a quick check and vaccines at the vet office. Because they are still young and have immune systems that are not fully developed, seeing a vet is a great idea. But a cat’s health doesn’t stop there. Though mature systems develop some immunity, cats are still susceptible to viruses and disease and owners should be just as diligent with an adult cat’s health as with a kitten.

Keep your hands to home

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house and their fluffy feline is begging for attention? What about those adorable kitten’s up for adoption at your favorite pet store? But did you know that you can bring home a virus by giving those pets? Some animals, even those who seem healthy, can “shed” viruses and you could be unknowingly transferring them to your pet, hence the need for regular vaccinations and wellness visits.

Escape Artist

Cats are curious by nature. An open door or window is an invite for a quick venture to the outdoors. No matter how long they are outside, this swift breakaway can leave your pet susceptible to fleas, ticks and viruses. In addition, an owner going from outdoors to inside can carry along those same risks. Preventative care is necessary to keep your cat healthy in the event they make a break for it.

Catching problems early

Cats are great at hiding pain and discomfort. Regular visits to your vet will help uncover problems and give the chance to treat issues before they become chronic or worse. For example, periodontal disease is a very common problem with many cats. This can be a painful condition that can be avoided with regular checkups and dental care. Chronic renal disease and hyperthyroid conditions are two other problems that are common as your feline friend ages.

Your indoor cat can run into many of the same health troubles as one that frequents the great outdoors. Annual wellness exams with a veterinarian can help catch small problems before they become too serious. If it has been a while since your indoor kitty has visited the vet, make them an appointment today!